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Transform Windows keyboard to Ubuntu.

Why should there be a windows key on a Ubuntu computer ?
This question has bothered many Linux users, so here´s what you can do.

Follow these steps:

With a nail sandpaper, sand the top of the key until you see no image there (careful not to damage the key).

Alternative: if you use a transparent nail polish on the key and remove it using acetone (after a while), the image can be erase easily.

After remove the image, pass nail polish on the key.

Print the image you want to put on the key on a normal sheet (i made it 0,6cm x 0,6cm).

Pass transparent nail polish on both sides of the sheet over the image. The sheet will become a little “plastic”.

Cut the image carefully, using a knife.

Paste the image on the key (you may paste with the nail polish) and pass more nail polish to fix it and protect.

And your done.


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Great tips!

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