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The children of Bill Gates use Ubuntu

The news already has its time, but continues to impact on those who have not seen.

Seems to be true the rumor that Bill Gates said in an interview following:

I understand that a product like Windows can not be accepted by the entire market, and people who are not satisfied decides to seek other alternatives. Even I must admit that my children use Ubuntu on their PCs. But Windows has a huge acceptance in 90% of the market, and that's a sign that the product is impeccable.

The text does not lie, the children of Bill using an OS that is doing the parent competition, imagine what must be acceptable for Ubuntu, the operating system that came to revolutionize the world of computing and computers in recent years.

Ubuntu also has the advantage of being free, is more! you can ask and I'll send free to your home, by contrast, Windows must buy.



cirrus said...

i didnt think u could have buntu shippped to your house for free no more

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