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B.C.A Students OF Bangalore University

B.C.A students of  Bangalore university find it quite difficult to cope up with the syllabus and learning at a very fast pace.
This is natural to anybody who takes-up computer's as a career option, but for Bangalorean's its a sad plight because of the poor quality standard Bangalore University maintains, from setting the syllabus to  exam papers its all the same " Care-Less is the attitude " of all the high ranking officers in Bangalore University.

However since you cant change the standard of university, we will have to follow a  organized approach in tackling the odd´s.

Now this post is exclusively for the 1sem guys as it is very crucial for them to pass their exam's without any back-log's. People who are from non-computer science background are going to have a tough time coping with lessons at a very short span they get to cover their portions and all the other burdens like lab records, notes etc.. , now the question is where do you start from.. ?
 Well the 1st sem BCA students have the subjects and languages as follows :

  • Digital electronics 
  • Programming concepts using C
  • Computer Fundamentals 
  • Indian language/ Additional English / French....etc
  • English

    So apparently their are quite a few subjects compared to your PUC, but the content that has to be covered is enormous and will definitely give you sleepless nights if you don't organize yourself. Since it take a year's time to complete PUC  most of us take 1sem very lightly and consider 1sem easy. But 1sem BCA is not all that easy, and comparing PUC with BCA 1sem is not that wise, as your 1sem classes will be over in about 3-4 months, So its important to make use of time.

    Study Material for 1sem B.C.A Subjects (Bangalore University)

    Digital Electronics :

    Text-book - Chitra Ravi is a widely used text-book and is not that great at all, try not to depend up on text-books for practical's and notes, because in my experience text books are not so very accurate and up-to-date, try getting your regular notes in the college as they are flawless,clear and up-to-date.

    References - http://www.eelab.usyd.edu.au/digital_tutorial/part2/hpage.html

    The above mentioned website offers a lot of useful content for understanding practical side of electronics, you are going to have 12-14 experiments for your final's which carries 30 marks( 10 marks for writing 10 for execution, 5 for record and 5 for viva)
    Additionally you can find a lot of stuff on the net where you can refer thoroughly.


    C Programming concepts :

    Text-book- C progrmming for first sem students no different than the regular PUC computer science syllabus
     Author Balaguru-Swamy C programming book would be good enough for the first sem or you can go with your personal choice as C language needs understanding more theoretical knowledge.  

    But you will have to put a lot of efforts in understanding the c language as it will fetch you a lot in the forth-coming semesters, Try to Understand the each topic to the core, as deep your understanding is, more firm will be your roots. And c programming will be a first phase of your career because your understanding in C will determine your understanding in next semester which will have C++ .

    Reference - you can find a lot of sites and blogs offering c language reference and program source codes so that would not be a problem. My suggestion would be http://visualcplus.blogspot.com This blog gives you all you need to kick-start with C.


    Computer Fundamentals:
    Text-book: I would recommend 1st and 2nd PUC textbook for this subject you can find all the needed info in it. Or you can go with the conventional one's you find in the book stores in accordance with your syllabus.

    Reference- You can find content on websites for each individual topic, just try google'ing it out.


    Language Study material :

    English Experience & Expression for BCA and BSC  its one for both the coarse. 


    Indian Language/ Additional english / French etc.... :
    Text book for Indian languages will prescribed by the teachers so thats no problem

    Text book for the Additional english students is " Footprints -1 (Author: Nandini Nair) "

    Textbook for French and other categories  will be prescribed by respective teachers


    Note: Students who had french or any other International language in their PUC  can change their language to Additional english or to any other by submitting a letter, DD(Demand Draft) & a copy of  2nd PUC marks card in the below mentioned format

    Date:(" date") 

    The Finance officer,
    Bangalore University,
    Bangalore – 56.

    Dear sir / madam,

    Sub: Fee payment for “Additional English” as optional language.

    I would like to inform that I have opted for Additional English as optional language in my BCA degreecourse. The reason I opted for Additional English is because in my PU course I had opted ("your prior language in PUC" ) as my optional language and I am not confident with any other language.

    Enclosed please find PU marks card and DD as per details below as fees required by the university
    toward the same:-

    DD # :(" DD Number ")
    Dated : ("date of the DD ")
    Amount : Rs. 250/-
    Drawn on : ("the bank name where you got the DD from ")
    In Favor of : The Finance Officer, Bangalore University.

    Thanking you,

    Sincerely.("Your name"),
    (BCA 1st Semester, "Your college name")

                    .....................   ").

    1. Copy of PU Marks card
    2. DD 


    NOTE: The letter must be submitted with a DD and a copy of your PU marks card

    Remember to change the format according to your need

    Join me on:  www.facebook.com/solancer


    Rahul said...

    I have had Hindi In my PUC, so can I take Additional English. As I couldn't score much I have just passed.

    Mohammed Anas Javed said...

    will the Computer Fundamental marks will be considered or our percentage will be of only 4 subjects
    plz reply soon

    Mohammed Anas Javed said...

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