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Dark Ambiance theme for Ubuntu 12.10

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 I've somehow managed to keep my Desktop look nice and clean with Dark context menu and nautilus sidebar.

I recently installed 12.10 on my laptop, and after using it for a while I realized the default ambiance theme is inconsistent. Some apps had dark context menus and dropdowns and some had white. So I went about forking the default Ambiance theme to make it look a bit more consistent and pretty.

To use the theme download the zip file from the download button below and extract the theme folder to home/.themes folder,  If you don't have a .themes folder go ahead and create it. Then use the Ubuntu tweak tool or My-Unity tool to change the theme to com.solancer.ambiance.



jacpra said...

ubuntu 13.04 .
This is the best Ambiance theme so far for me.
1.)Dark side bar for ambiance !!!
2.9 Dark side bar for bookmarks in Chrome:
and it does not affect the Chrome title bar.
With other ambiance derivates ( mediterranean etc) it alwayes produced
a lightly smudged title bar items. (No mayor fault whatsoever)

jacpra said...

Hopefully my previous comment will reach

Mr.Srinivas Gowda!!!

Again com-solancer-ambiance is the most beautiful Ubuntu 13.04 theme
for me


Unknown said...

I'm glad you liked it jackson :)

Semen Martynov said...

Can you update your theme for Ubuntu 13.10??

Unknown said...

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