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Network icon disabled in ubuntu 11.10/12.04 -- Solved

Today I successfully upgraded my system from  Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10. All went well and I was feeling happy about the Lightgdm interface and the improved window management system. Then I noticed my network manager applet icon which was in offline or disconnected mode, to my surprise I was able to go online without any issues.
I then checked in the Network manager config file found under /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, and I came across ifupown managed=false,  So I quickly stopped the Network Management service and changed the  [ ifupdown managed] value to true and all went back to normal.

Steps to get it going:

Firstly, stop the network manager service by typing in terminal:
sudo service network-manager stop

Open nautilus in sudo mode by typing in terminal:
sudo nautilus

Goto etc/NetworkManager and open  NetworkManager.conf.

Change the managed value to true:

Restart the Network Manger service by typing in:
sudo service network-manager start

And after that your Network Manger should be back online.


Jorge F. Bravo V. said...

Cool tutorial...very useful. Keep going with the work. I am a very proud Ubuntu user and I love it.

John Cohen said...

My girlfriend has this problem on her desktop machine. I searched and this seemed the most convincing solution, but... I went to *my* networkmanager.conf file on a working laptop and mine also says managed=false, which makes me think it must be something else?

Maybe just starting and stopping your network-manager service did it instead, any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Worked for me - thanks. MT

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem and I fixed it just by stopping and starting the network-manager.

Unknown said...

Anyone help me,,i can finish all the step but still tat won't come,..

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