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SwiftBoot kick-starts Linux in under one second

Are you happy that your Linux OS boots up real quick, say in about 40-60 seconds ? Do you really think that's the best Linux can do ? Certainly not, Linux is getting better and better everyday, it has come a long way and has proved to be considerably good at what it does. A company called MPC Data has developed a solution called swiftBoot that helps booting into a fully running Linux OS in under one second.

Here's  a video demonstrating its booting speed:

No other gimmick involved other than optimizations done, as a result of a good understanding of the Linux system.

Here's another one on a TI OMAP3530 based OMAP3530EVM board. This time, they use a stop-watch for monitoring the performance.

The demos show that not only does the system soft-boot in within a second but it also function normally after that.

--Expecting to see more of such advancements in Linux systems.


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