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Clutterflow not working on Nautilus Elementary--solved

Today I got curious to find my Nautilus-Elementary ' Clutter flow' function not working.
I tried reinstalling NE but that dint help one bit, so I dealt into something more intelligent(Google), and thats when I found something on launchpad.net that related to my problem, it seemed less informative about the reason to the issue, but the solution sure worked well for me.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Press ALT + F2, enter: gconf-editor.

Step 2: Navigate to apps > nautilus > preferences and enable 'show_clutter' and edit the value in 'clutter-test' to 0.

Step 3:  Restart Nautilus (nautilus -q)


jammiz said...

awesome, it totally worked! thanks

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