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Lady Gaga goes GAGA over ubuntu

After enthralling the techies at Google, Lady Gaga has given her geek fans another reason to smile. In a press conference, the Grammy award-winning singer confessed that she is an avid fan of Ubuntu, the Linux-based operating system. Since then, Ubuntu has seen a massive surge in its popularity; particularly among teenagers.

When asked if she was a PC or a Mac, the ultra glamorous pop star replied “Well you know, I’m neither into PCs or Macs, first of all. Secondly, I don’t like either of them; it’s like everybody uses them these days. I’m more into this thing called Ubuntu. Two months ago, a buddy of mine told me to use it to avoid getting hacked, and I’ve loved it since then. It’s really fun to use!”

To another reporter asking if there was any particular reason for choosing Ubuntu, she responded, “I love Ubuntu because it’s unique, it’s so like me and my little monsters – we’re different, but we’re awesome!“.

Afterwards, when asked about her thoughts on the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy, she said “It’s great when things are free. I think it kinda really helps people who can’t buy computers on their own.. I’d love to see Apple doing something like that … they make such great products but not everyone can buy them”.

After this statement by Lady Gaga, a website has claimed that Ubuntu’s desktop market share has shot up from 1 percent to 7 percent in just two days. Furthermore, due to a huge rise in traffic, Ubuntu’s website suffered a downtime of about 8 hours on Tuesday. Ubuntu fans and developers are already enjoying this ‘viral’ popularity. “This is a giant leap for the Linux community, and we’ll always be grateful to Lady Gaga for that”, said an overjoyed Jane Silber, who is the current CEO of Canonical.

Source:  TechSource


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