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Ubuntu over Windows

Todays post talks about the Linux O/S over Windows, As we all know how famous Windows operating systems are, how it works and all that basic functionalities and features etc. But my concern with it is the security and poor kernel architecture.

But if you use linux you will be familiar with its security advantages. We all know that most of the malwares are made for windows because of its security loop-holes. Only some geeks waste their time to create viruses for linux and mac but that too is not all that easy and todays Linux O/S are almost immune to such virues. So if the malware is created only for windows , It has 99% possibilites it will not affect other operating system.

There are hundred´s of Linux O/S distro´s that are freely available. I personally endorse Ubuntu Linux as it is very powerful, has a large user-base, very easy to use and a whole bunch of goodies !!

But don´t  just go on my words, take a tip from someone big in the computer industry someone who´s  big enough to judge Ubuntu over windows. Someone like DELL, yes dell is big in computer software and hardware industry.
Recently a bunch of news came up about Dell’s Ubuntu page (http://www.dell.com/ubuntu) about line item #6 which stated that Ubuntu Linux is safer than Windows, and Dell later retracted that statement, and plainly said that Ubuntu is “safe”. It seems however they have not retracted similar statements from the “Linux 101″ video on the same Ubuntu page. In the video, a speaker mentions the following comments about Ubuntu :
“It’s safe and secure. Over 95 percent of viruses, spyware and other types of malware are designed and targeted to attack Microsoft Windows. So, by definition, if you’re not running Microsoft Windows and if you’re running Linux, you just don’t have to worry about malware and viruses and spyware.”
“There’s a lot of reasons consumers like Linux. No. 1: it’s a powerful operating system. It can do lots of things very fast.”
“It’s extremely stable… It’s very rare for the system to lock up or freeze… there’s no Blue Screens.”

So now if you are convinced with Linux being the best O/S  and stands no where close to the poor performing Windows switch to Ubuntu linux now, cause its free and is a lot more better than winodws.

Here´s a Video i compiled about ubuntu´s performance and basic functionalities:


You can download ubuntu´s latest version from here: Ubuntu.com

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